my surprise cookies from baby!

Friday, September 30, 2011

LOL the other day i baked Shepherd's Pie for boyfriend and his family, one for him and one for him parents but he went to eat all both. ARGH! Pigggggggie!


Boyf made me surprise cookies. Hahaha before eating the cookies still must play puzzle if not cannot eat LOL!


Heheh :D



Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Ettusais BB Cream + mineral BB powder

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The other day boyfriend met me in town after work and we happily headed over to Shiseido's office for the Ettusais Tea Party!




Awwww, Cute kitty!


Guess what's Ettusais' latest product hitting the shelves?


What's a tea party without some pretty lil' pastries and tea?
They were too pretty that we wouldn't bear to take a bite!



Hello Jace! (:

Satoka-San from Japan was there to do a mini makeover and show us how the BB cream works it's magic:



They are releasing both Ettusais BB Cream & BB Mineral Powder.
3 shades for the BB Cream & 2 shades for the BB Mineral Powder, something for everyone!

The BB Mineral Powder has Baby Mineral Powder, Micro Soft Powder, Pore Graduating Mineral Powder and Smooth Fitting Powder

- which is great for setting the BB cream and give the user a soft skin and pretty long lasting coverage i would say after i've tried it out personally.


Ettusais BB range does not mean the usual "Blemish Balm" but also.. "Back-to-Baby Skin"!
Who wants the have the skin of a baby girl? (:
See how i look after i used the Ettusais BB range at the end of the post.

It's formulated with Ettusais' star ingredient - the AC-Control Oil which prevents acne, contains 79% of skin loving ingredients to care for your skin even thou you're wearing it for 12 hours it make sure you get some skin care benefits out of it too!

It has Hyaluronic Acid and other skin moisturizing ingredients to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day, and SPF 30PA ++ which is definitely the MOST important, i can't emphasize more about the importance of how protection against the harmful sun UV rays.

You can apply with your fingers gently all over your face, no need for sponges or brushes, no technique needed! Just use a wee bit and spread all over it goes on like a dream. (:


And other than the Ettusais BB range, They are releasing a 2nd-edition of the Ettusais Liquid liner! This is much better than the previous Liquid eyeliner they had because it's MUCH more pigmented, long lasting (i wouldn't budget with normal rubbing etc)


Kitty wants the ever-so popular kitty eye look too! hahaha how cute we got the bring back one of the kitty along with the Ettusais eye liner.


It was featured in a popular japanese magazine too, selling like hot cakes in Japan!

The Ettusais BB Cream + Ettusais Mineral Powder was the only base makeup i packed for my 2-week Australia vacation, and it did a great job in covering my uneven skintone and imperfections


I loved that it kept my skin hydrated and protected my skin from the cold harsh winds i experienced when i was there, all i got was clear, beautiful, well-moisturized skin.

I would like to think that i did attain the "baby skin" effect ettusais bb cream wanted to give to every girl. (:

It's available in all Ettusais counters now, do pop by and check them out for yourself. (:

Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Pasir ris dog farm, korean bbq east coast

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Helloooooo, I'm finally back from Aussie, it's been an awesome 2 weeks in Sydney and gold coast and it's been 5 days since i'm back now now, and im still in the super dreamy holiday mode.

I feel that i've left my brains back in australia, so stoned. I'm still sorting out the gazillion photos Jessica & i took during our vacation so be patient, i've so got much to blog about! :D

Definitely miss my home, mummy and boyfriend when i was away this 2 weeks.. and also singapore food! Omg i'm so sick of pastas i'm swearing off them for the next few months hahaha
Ok so lemme blog about some pre-aussie trip stuff first!

The other day boyfriend got me a whole pack of strawberry pocccccccky, woohoo nom nom nom




Boyfriend went to church with me and after church we went to ikea to get some stuff then to the pasir ris farmway to visit the dog farms!



Usually on the weekends there will be many many many dog owners bringing their furbabies to the enclosed field at Pet's Mover to let their doggies run around and interact with other doggies but it happened to rain pretty heavily earlier that afternoon so only a handful of owners brought their doggies down booooo.


Hello beautiful.


Oh hi!


Hahahaha silly baby bought me a I LOVE GUINEA PIG sign for my car!


Little squeaky toy dogs.

So glad that we both love huge, huggable dogs! Don't think i want a boyfriend who goes crazy over squeaky chihuahuas or other tiny dog that i might kill if i accidentally trip over on.


Mmmmmm! Yummilicious, went for korean bbq @ East Coast Park after checking out all the dog farms along the farmway.



Love the beef! Muahahah, but it's pretty damn expensive thou, didn't even order much and the total bill is 100 over already, boooooo.
Good thing is the service is damn good they will come and cook for you if you can't be bothered to cook like us hahahah

Crystal Jade korean bbq buffet that i had with Esther & Jayden at Nex was much more awesome! Only $30 per pax if i'm not wrong. Got so many types of marinated meat, got fish and crabs etc also, have ginseng chicken soup somemore. Yums, me likey!

Loves, The Luckiest Chick.

SURPRISE! strawberry cheesecake for jerry bear

Wednesday, September 07, 2011


OMG! Flying off to sydney @ midnight gonna be away for 2 whole weeks!
Was a naughty girl the other day, worked half day on Saturday and i headed to the supermarket, got all my baking supplies and went home to bake!

He called & texted me but i didn't reply him because i didn't want to spoil the surprise hehe

So he briefly mentioned that he love strawberry cheesecakes but I've never actually bake cheesecakes before, previously all my successful attempts with cheesecakes were the non-baked type, still yummy, but it's just different!

So.. rushed like mad and it's finally done! Change up, drove over to boyf's place and called him (he was sleeping) and frantically shouted into the phone: "DARLING I'M DOWNSTAIRS OMG CARRYING SUPER HEAVY THINGS FASTER COME AND HELP MEEEEE!"

LOL! then he fleeeeew down, had a double surprise for him.
Cos the other day he said i look better with bangs so i took a pair of kitchen shears and chopped my long fringe. hahahaha


LOL act nerd only always wear my specs when he have like perfect vision -.-


YAY apparently his whole family thought it was yummy, so happy! (:

Btw the way i met both his parents was pretty damn funny.

Was in his room watching tv that day then his dad came home and was having dinner at the dining room so i went downstairs and half hidden behind Jeremy and said "Hello Uncle!" he was like so shocked he had the jaw dropped look + spoon with food halfway paused outside his mouth lol!

Yeah something like that, only funnier!

Then the other day i met his mum, she came back and i was like "Hello Auntie!" then Jeremy and his dad was like, "no lah, she's the evening maid." -.-


A couple posts back i mentioned that Jeremy is cooking for me that night and I'm heading over after work right?

Lol, ok so i drove when i reached his place he was still cooking so he asked me to just come up hehe, can't stop smiling while thinking of this.

When i stepped into his place his dad gave me this skeptical/amused look and said: " 哈, this is the first time this is happening (boyfriend cooking) "


Hahahha the dad also damn humorous like boyfriend! - Like father like son
Before i came he mentioned to his dad he's cooking for me and boyfriend said his dad was super shocked and he saying "Are you sure? Eat already will go hospital or not? Monday i still have a lot of work to do don't wanna take MC leh"


Lol actually i was a bit scared also hahahha but when i remembered his maid will be "supervising" him so.. ok la hehehe but I'm really touched! Cos he said he never even cook for his ex gf or anyone, then his parents say wah whole life also never eat your cooking before now cook for girlfriend LOL!


Soooooo sweet. (:

Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Sponsored post: Quincy staycation

Friday, September 02, 2011

All thanks to DICE studio, I had a great weekend staycation at Quincy Hotel, where we were sponsored the Qool Weekend Package

I've actually been to Quincy hotel with Nadnut, Esther, Jacelyn & Sabrina for our #GirlyStaycation.
So at first i was like, oh sure! Why not enjoy my weekend by staying in a swanky hotel and stay in bed and nua the entire day and night. Sounds pretty awesome right?

But i didn't expect it to be so fun AND awesome!

Ok first up, check out THE room.


When the auto shades were down, so cozy just wanted to jump into the bed that instant OMG



Toilet shade can be drawn down so your partner won't feel shy when they're doing their business! LOL

And the bathroom is so spacious, why didn't i snap a photo of the entire bathroom! Silly me!



Here's when the bathroom shades are drawn up, you're watching tv and your partner is showering, sexy TTM!


Another thing i love about the room, there are mirrors ALL over, so naturally.. my camwhore side is slipping out... Everytime there's any mirror/reflective surface i'll camwhore.. you'll see more later! hahaha


I love it that they provide Molton Brown Bath Amenities!

(PS: That was not the full set of Bath Amenities, there was another Shower gel, Shampoo and Conditioner that was in the standing shower area)

You know how usually hotels use those plastic bottles printed with the hotel logo and they just refill with lousy-pok products! Use already always hair tangle/hair not smooth/shower gel don't smell good. Boooo, in the end you still have to run to the nearest 7-11 to buy a set of bath essentials.

But Quincy provides Molton Brown Bath Amenities! How to not feel pampered staying at Quincy Hotel?! LOL ok i'm so superficial for going crazy over bath amenities!! BAH don't care i truly love it, so what!



Lol, what did i say? oh wells you know how sometimes you're so sway/blur you forgot to pack in pretty semi formal dresses for dinner in case your partner wants to bring you to a romantic fine dining place for dinner etc?

SO EASY! Just walk over to Far East Plaza/Tangs/Shaw House through Goodwood Park to buy one! It's like a easy 5 minutes walk over only. So accessible.


Snapped this photo when Boyfriend and I walking towards Quincy after our lunch at Far East Plaza before we checked in for the awesome Quincy Staycation Experience! See the pool area at Quincy Hotel? That's where we're gonna have another fun activity that night! (:


OK Back to the room, if you think your clothes is crumpled from being folded in your luggage, buy new clothes wanna wear for dinner, you can even iron it yourself cos there is iron & ironing board provided in every room.

They also have a laptop sized safe provided in case you don't like leaving your laptop around the hotel room while you're out. How considerate, usually the safes i've used in hotels at most can squeeze in my netbook!


Seriously? How awesome?!


They also have a IPOD/IPHONE dock for you to charge your iphones, play loud, thumping R&B music in case you wanna have a self-contained "zouk out" in your hotel room hahahah


Even have an espresso machine for the coffee addicts. HHahahah, i don't drink coffee but i just wanted to play with the machine so i made the espresso but forced people to drink. :D


Chips and cupnoodles + tea are all complimentary.
... so is the MINI BAR! Completely complimentary and refilled daily.


WHAT?! since when you see hotels providing complimentary mini bar? Everytime people stay in hotels they're only given complimentary bottled water right?


Love the room all the way to even the bedroom slippers, hahaha it's those thick waffles material bedroom slippers and not those paper disposable kind.

I'm so pampered i wanted to sit on that red plushy chair by the window and wear my comfy bedroom slippers and not move the entire day and I'll be satisfied. It's really all the small things that make me a happy traveller. (:


Before i make any bookings for hotel, i would always always always check the hotel up on to make sure it's good. Do you know that Quincy Hotel ranking on Tripadvisor is #14? So awesome!

Click the link to read previous reviews of Quincy Hotel by fellow travellers from all over the world:


Oh boyfriend had this cut on his finger and the skin fell off and it was mad scary!
So i dragged him to buy some plasters, wanted to get the princess theme ones but in the end i thought the Junior animal themed ones are much cuter!

Lol, made him feel manly-er using animal themed plasters than princess themed ok!

ANYWAY! It was 3pm and we went down for our Baking Class which was included in the Qool weekend package
, you can pick either the Yoga Class OR the Baking Class.


Heh us in our aprons, so ready to whip up a storm in the kitchen!


Had a brief self introduced of myself and my partner then our instructor started the class!



Lol, thanks Kris for the awesome candids!

So... i threw all the ingredients in...





LOL! look at the three kiddos!

Happily making their batter like the rest of the class. Luckily they were not the noisy, scary type haha quite cute actually. If not i might knock myself out with the bowl and that's it. End of Baking Class for Fidel lol.


Heh, look at plaster #1 Monkey! :D


YAY, the women stand aside, point and laugh (me & nadnut) while the poor men slog away and hand whip the butter, lol i can't stand hand whipping things. I NEED mixers for baking!

To me, the main point about baking is throwing together a couple of ingredients that seems so insignificant and after popping into the oven it magically becomes a delicious thingy! I don't want the hard work of hand mixing, perspiring, achy biceps.. lol! So pampered!


Yay! bully the man into doing all the hard work but still get kisses. #HappyPamperedGirl


Double-YAY! Ladies get to do the fun easy stuff like scooping batter into the cups and get the men to tap tap tap the cups until the air bubbles are gone.

So while the cupcakes were being baked in the oven, our instructors brought out...


oooooooh, a tray of vanilla cuppycakes and lots of buttercream.

Mmmmm, i miss Jessica's Butterscotch buttercream. I always nick some when i'm over at her place since she's always baking for her orders she always have some lying around! :D


Remember i blogged about going over to Jessica's place to learn cupcake decorating with nadnut a few weeks back? Hohoho, my 2nd attempt at creaming petals!

Jeremy was very impressed with it LOL He was like.. " Whoaaaaaaa.. you like that next time you everyday cook, i everyday also will come home to eat luh! "



Turned out kinda wobbly but what the hell! It's still a freaking flower ok! hahahah


Lol, the cupcakes we made earlier finally out of the oven and smelling heavenly!
Errrr, tried teaching Jeremy how to do the petals but almost vomited blood, went to the loo.. came back and saw this:


LOL he errrrr did the bottom right one. He still very show off luh. hahahah




Turns out it was one of the guy's birthday, haha didn't catch his name but HAPPY BIRTHDAY! LOL he had like 3 candles shoved on a cupcake and a bunch of random people singing him happy birthday, not bad uh.


Turns out the decorating thing was a mini competition and the winner is... ONE OF THE KIDDOS! Sorry didn't catch her name too but she's very cute, she went under the table to cross over and collect her prize hahahah.



Oooooh, hahahah Molton Brown products, niceeee!

End of the fun Baking Class and went back to the room to prepare and nua around abit. Made boyfriend style his fringe up, idk why but i really like it when guys style their fringe up, the sleek clean look is just so hot!







LOL bought this dress from Forever 21 like gazillion years ago, very long didn't wear already!

Went for Dinner, have i mention that the Qool weekend package is also inclusive of 3 meals? Dinner, Breakfast & Lunch all inclusive! It's so awesome & relaxing staycation because you truly do not need to move your butt out of the hotel at all! Hahahaha



Nadnut was wearing The Clover Fashion's Sexy Half Moon Flare Dress! So preeeeeetty.


Oh other than the 3 meals, they also have a complimentary cocktail freeflow from 6pm - 8pm! I think i had like 3 glasses of white wine. Noms.


Fruit salad and soup was yummy!



LOL! Plaster #1 Monkey fell off so Plaster #2 Zebraaaaa steps in!


Had the Pacific Dory while boyfriend had the Lagsana, the dory was pretty good, kinda craving for fish now! :x



I was feeling kinda cold so boyfriend went up to get my hoodie for me but by the time he came back we were gonna go back to the room already hahaha #fail


Spotted the reflective thingy above the bed.. CAMWHORE!



Rest and nua-ed again then went up the the pool area for.. MOVIE NIGHT!
They were showing Moulin Rouge! OMG Nicole Kidman is so damn hot!



Guess what's the fun part?

Hahaha, you can either choose to sit at the cozy area in front of the glass panel...






So fun! hahahah i keep drifting away because i was so excited so Nadnut was holding on to my float LOL!


Where got movie night so fun one! This is seriously the first time.. I've ever sat on a float in a swimming pool fully clothed.. bobbing around on a float.. and watching a movie!


Shioooooooook! I want another movie night like this!



Errr no la i wasn't sleeping hahaha just huddled in my furry AE hoodie and enjoying the movie!


Yay still got popcorn! (:

Hahaha, we even brought our own vodka and redbull to drink while watching the movie, lol the night we enjoyed the comfy bed and rolled around in bed till lunchtime cos we were too lazy to go down from breakfast! haha so shiok only.



Oooooh lunch, hungry girl! They also serve many different types of juices, orange, apple, pineapple, cranberry etc. Love that I'm being spoilt for choice cos usually hotels would serve only one or two types of juices so you have no choice but to take it.

After lunch with Nadnut, CCB, Kris & Ruifang, we went up to check out the gym in Quincy hotel, Boyfriend was like, WHAT?! you never tell me here got gym then i should've brought my workout wear etc blah blah blah blah lol


Towels and H2O to hydrate yourself just outside the gym, self service please!


Plenty of treadmills, gym equipments and lots of weights etc!

Woots! They even have a SUANA & STEAMROOM. Should've checked it out on Saturday! Hahhaha, i kinda went WHOA GOT SUANA AND STEAMROOM then boyfriend wandered in and i trapped him in the suana lol!


Act like shiok only, then after a few seconds come to the door and gave me a big smile to plead me to let him out lol so poor thing, when cute smiles don't work then he change tactic already, lol SHOW MUSCLE to bribe me!


LOL, Bribe taken.

Went back to the comfy room, relaxed and packed up for our check out at 3pm (was given late check out, so nice !) during lunch the bunch was talking about dancing and shuffling and i told baby to shuffle for me to see and i wanna show the video to nadnut so he can open a "shuffling workshop" LOL!!



Poor baby carry all my barang barangs lol, see my cute Ettusais duckie luggage! Mad cute i always use it for short staycations, although it's tiny and cute but it can pack at least 2-3 days worth of clothes, toiletries shoes etc ok! Mad love it.

Checking out was such a breeze, the staff were really polite and simply awesome.


Remember to get the complimentary carpark ticket if you're driving! If you forget you're gonna pay the hourly charge carpark fees OMG! The carpark is shared with Elizabeth Hotel by the way.


Love nadnut's rainbow shades omg i want!


Yay coupley group photo, Ruifang & Kris, boyfriend & I, CCB & nadnut!
So sad to leave Quincy hotel, really enjoyed my short and sweet staycation. (:

The Qool weekend Package @ Quincy Hotel includes:

  • Yoga OR baking class & movie night by the pool (registration at the reception/during booking is required)
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Complimentary cocktails from 6pm - 8pm daily
  • Unlimited broadband internet access
  • Complimentary Minibar
  • Complimentary bottle of red wine
  • Late check out till 3pm

And because YOU saw this on my blog, the Qool Weekend package is $318++, BUT you get to enjoy a FREE UPGRADE to a Deluxe Studio which is worth $395++ (.. enjoy the awesome weekend that i just got to experience!)

How to enjoy this awesome deal? Just book through this form

OR, through here:

This promotion is valid for Singapore residents with valid passport, NRIC or working permit, which happens from now till end of September 2011.


Yay! Qool weekend Package @ Quincy Hotel = #HappyPamperedGirl! (:
Enjoy your Qool weekend! (:

Loves, TheLuckiestChick.